Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring mineral fibres found in rock. For decades, asbestos was used as a building material in homes and other buildings. However, it is now a well-known health and safety hazard as inhalation of asbestos fibres can lead to various serious lung conditions, including asbestosis and cancer.

Asbestos is no longer widely used commercially, but it can still be found in many older homes and buildings. You may find asbestos wrapped around older hot water pipes and water boilers, or used to tape together sections of heating ducts. You may also find asbestos in cement, flooring and ceiling materials. Asbestos is usually white, and its matted fibres can be crumbly if unbound or deteriorated.

If you detect asbestos in your home/property, you should avoid touching the materials yourself to prevent the release of harmful fibres in the air. Don’t put your health at risk; contact us to book an appointment with our professionally trained and equipped team for a site inspection and asbestos removal.

How do we work?

We will
inspect the site to confirm if the material contains asbestos
contain the area to prevent cross-contamination
spray the materials with a binding agent to avoid the release of fibres in the air
remove and properly dispose of the materials containing asbestos
inspect your property to ensure that it is safe from asbestos fibres
operating air cleaning equipment with HEPA filtration throughout the process


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